Create real conversations

Available only from Gemalto, Smart Message is the messaging channel that generates smarter conversations between customers and advertisers.

  • Immediately visible on the idle screen
  • Easier interaction thanks to single-click action
  • Seamless multiple screens displaying your message in detail

Reach all your audience

Smart Message is a channel specifically designed to overcome entry barriers. It can reach all potential customers, regardless of handsets and mobile operator.

  • Compatible with 95% of handsets
  • Cross-mobile operators

Our Marketing & Consulting Services experts help you segment and better target your audience and assist you in designing your campaign.

Get higher return on investment (ROI)

Now you can improve targeting to deliver customized messages that create a stronger relationship between your customers and your brand, service or product:

  • Benefits from our Marketing & Consulting Services experts 10 years of marketing expertise and best practice worldwide
  • Higher response and conversion rates: up to 10 times SMS conversion rate, leading to better ROI
  • State-of-the-art analytics and improvement recommendations to achieve your mobile marketing goals


As a mobile operator, what if you had a new revenue source at your fingertips?

Monetize your opt-in mobile database with no investment

  • Monetizing your opt-in mobile data base is a hands down revenue source
  • Full technical and business implementation managed by Gemalto Marketing & Consulting Services team of experts

Offer long-term revenue growth

  • Tested and proven to give greater click-through rates with an average of 10%
  • Greater acceptance by opt-in customers
  • Growing adoption by brands around the world
  • Not competing with but adding to mobile operators’ other revenue sources

Benefit from Smart Message, a unique powerful mobile channel

Smart Message is a new channel, specially designed for advertisers to better engage with their customers. It can reach all potential customers, regardless of handsets or mobile networks, and provides an improved user experience for higher response rates.

  • Cross –mobile networks
  • Compatible with 95% of handsets
  • Smooth end-user experience